Baby Care

Baby Care

Baby Room for 3 months to 2 years

Our baby area is a very special part of Teeny Days. For those joining us at this very early age it is paramount we get everything right, not only for your baby but also for those parents who are going back to their career after maternity leave.

We understand that you will have many reservations and anxieties at this time. Our experienced and caring staff will hopefully be able to reassure you. Leaving your baby to return to work is going to be difficult for you with many mixed emotions. We think our baby rooms are beautiful, warm, homely and cosy places to be and we hope you do too.

We would encourage you to visit our baby nursery maybe even before your baby arrives, you can question and watch our staff with the babies interacting with one another. Along with parents, grandparents are always welcome as we appreciate they too wish to check who will be caring for their precious grandchild. We really do like to meet the whole family.

Before your baby joins us you will have the opportunity to spend time with your baby in the nursery. Hopefully this will make you and your baby feel at home, enable you to meet the special member of staff who will be spending time caring and having fun with your baby and give you time to discuss your baby’s individual needs and routines.

We follow the guidelines set down in the early years foundation stage framework which covers the learning development and welfare of children from birth to 5 years old.

Notes are kept on your baby’s progress along with “learning journals” for you to enjoy. We have lots of stimulating equipment for the babies and staff to use. This is a time of great discovery. We will introduce our babies and toddlers to sand, water, paint and dough. They will enjoy lots of story-times, singing and musical activities. Most importantly they will always have lots of love, cuddles and one-to-one attention from our staff. In this way, coupled with the love and support from you the parents/carers we hope to encourage their development into happy, bright and sociable children.