Events & Activities

Events & Activities

As part of the Healthy Smile initiative we invited Luton House Dental Practice to visit us at Teeny Days Nursery to talk to the children about how to take care of their teeth. The children watched demonstrations of what is good teethbrushing on dummy teeth after which they were able to have a turn under the guidance of the dentist. At the end of the visit all children received free goodie bags which was lovely.

We are pleased to be part of the Healthy Smiles initiative, supporting and teaching children how to look after their teeth. Each child is provided with their very own toothbrush and everyday the children have a tooth brushing session where tooth brushing is modelled and all children brush their teeth together. The children thoroughly enjoy the session and parents have even testified that since joining the nursery their children’s tooth brushing has improved, which we love to hear!

Wednesday is our cooking day and today we made heart shaped pizzas! The children were encouraged to use a variety of vegetables, including peppers, courgettes, spinach and pineapple to explore different colours, tastes and textures and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

At Teeny Days, role play is extremely important to us. As well as a home corner, we have a theme based role play that we change regularly. Role play encourages language development, communication skills, imagination, confidence, relationships with peers and so much more. Have a look at some of the role play areas we have created in the past few months…

Baby Clinic Role Play: As part of our ‘All About Me’ theme, we created a baby clinic where our children brought their baby dolls in for treatment and other children role played being doctors and nurses. This was one of our very popular role play set ups.

Jungle Role Play: This role play area was based on a Jungle theme, where dinosaurs and jungle animals live side by side…the children thoroughly enjoyed pretending to be jungle animals as well as playing with the jungle toys.

Dentist Role Play: As part of the ‘People Who Help Us’ theme, we created a dentist role play area. Teddy is waiting patiently to be seen by our budding dentists!

FREE 15 hrs for your 2 year old

Families who are claiming benefits and/or have a joint income of no more than £16,190 may be able to apply for up to 15 hours per week of free early education and childcare for their two year old children.

This can give you more time to take up a college course or return to work, as well as give your child the opportunity to learn, play with friends, experience new activities and get ready for school.

Contact us today to check your eligibility.

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