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Nursery Policies

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Teeny Days Nursery Eco Policy

The eco co-ordinator for Teeny Days Nursery is Tahareem Farquhar.

Aims and Objectives

It is important for the Teeny Days community to have an awareness and understanding of the effects of their actions upon the environment in which they live, work and relax. In order to do this, we need to take responsibility for our own actions and we need to have a sense of duty and care for the world in which we live.
We encourage both staff and children to think about their environment and how their actions impact upon the national and global picture. To this end we encourage and reinforce environmental education in all aspects of everyday life and the wider community.
The ways in which we will strive towards this goal is to reduce the amount of materials we use and waste we produce, recycle and re–use materials wherever possible, restore what is deemed to have been destroyed and respect our neighbours and our environment.

 We will switch off lights when they are not in use.
 We will keep outside doors shut in cold weather.
 We will make sure we turn off taps when they are no longer needed.

We will reduce the amount of paper we use at nursery by:
 Writing and printing on both sides of the paper whenever possible.
 Filing photocopies for use at a later date.
 Using text messaging service and emails where possible to inform parents.
 Using the paper recycling bin

 We will continue to encourage children and parents to walk to nursery.
 We will encourage staff to share transport when going on courses etc.


Donated materials including containers
 We will try to find uses for donated materials. This may be to help with storage or for use in art.
 Where uses cannot be found, we will endeavour to recycle it.
 Paper will be re-used within the nursery. We will keep a box of partially used paper that can be
used again.
 Display paper will be taken down carefully and re-used wherever possible.
 Paper will be used on both sides wherever possible.

At Teeny Days Nursery, we recycle a range of materials:
 Paper, cardboard and plastic are collected every day from the different rooms and office area.
 There are clearly labelled bins indicating the everyday materials which can be recycled – green for
paper and cardboard and white for plastic.
 Re-fillable Cartridges will be used for computer ink.
 We will hold swapping days where children can swap old books or toys.
 We recycle everyday materials
The eco co-ordinator will continue to evaluate our recycling scheme and add to the materials for recycling
when necessary.

 Children will be encouraged to treat all nursery equipment with respect. Books and other equipment/toys will be repaired wherever possible.

 Our first and most important rule and as part of British values is that we will respect one another.
This rule will permeate all we do whether it is considering environmental issues, welcoming people
of different races, faiths, abilities, or dealing on a daily basis with each other.
 We will extend this respect to the environment and all living creatures.
We have a no litter policy which means all rubbish must be put in the correct bin and all staff and children
should practise this at the setting. We also have sessions and activities where children are taught about not
littering in our community and environment.

Where the Eco policy fits into the Early Years curriculum
During the Foundation Stage, children will engage in activities that:
 Encourage exploration and observation of the local environment.
 Encourage problem solving, decision making, and critical thinking.
 Encourage children to think and respond to what they see, touch, smell and feel in the local
 Explore the visual elements in natural and man-made objects including resources from their
locality and different cultures.

Policy devised on 10th January 2020