Education & Care

We offer a combined provision of care and learning which supports children grow confidently.
Through creating an inquisitive environment, building self-confidence, developing emotional and social skills, we believe children will grow positively.

To achieve this we will:

• Carefully select resources and equipment which through play, exploration, discovery and learning.

• Use children’s previous knowledge, experience and interests to inspire and develop child centred learning. Structured activities will be designed to offer alternative learning opportunities and develop new skills.

• Capture the progress of each child through learning diaries – these snapshots will be available for you to review and monitor.

• Accommodate different types of learning and needs within each room. Through designated learning zones that complement each other.

• Provide a team to support each child, ensuring their needs are met through a caring and happy environment in partnership with parents and carers.

• Combine care and education following the statutory EYFS framework.

• Instil happy and fond memories of their time at Teeny Days through a warm and caring environment.

Preparing for the future
To support children’s transition from the nursery, we have close links with the local schools and endeavour to maintain this prior to this important move and change for your child.

Teeny Days Nursery is committed to supporting each individual child to ensure they are happy, with a positive self identity and strong foundations, leaving the nursery to begin their first steps into school life.